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At Hard Hat, we think the way you do.

Hard Hat specialises in the project management of renovation, interior design and refurbishment projects of all sizes and types in West Sussex, London and beyond.

We work with private clients and with developers to achieve properties that work as homes and as investments, working with you and on your behalf to:

  • refine your interior and exterior creative vision
  • work out what’s desirable and possible
  • produce a brief, budget and a time plan
  • go out to tender or obtain quotations for the necessary work from reliable and appropriately skilled professionals, architects and tradespeople
  • appoint and manage the professionals and trades to minimise wasted time and resources
  • obtain and deliver materials to site on time and deal with queries considering both the refurbishment and interior design early and as one so that your options can be maximised
  • update you at all stages of the project

Hard Hat manages ground work, construction, insulation, roofing, plumbing, electrical installations, design of lighting and home entertainment systems, decoration, interior and exterior design and hard landscaping. We are well connected to local architects and familiar with the planning system, Building Control and specialist projects requiring Listed Building Consent. In short, Hard Hat exists to provide you with a full design, management and construction solution, delivered on time and on budget.

Throughout your project, Hard Hat aims to minimise disruption to your life and to manage your refurbishment project in the way that you would if you had the time, knowledge, contacts and resources.

Get in touch today to discuss your project and how Hard Hat could cross one big job off your to-do list!